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Roman Theatre of ancient Aptera

The Theater of ancient Aptera is located on the south wall of the ancient city, near the southeastern entrance. Its current form belongs to the Roman phase and emerged after the radical alteration of the earlier Hellenistic theater. The seats were repositioned in a created base, while the scene was replaced by a Roman one, more imposing. In the later years it was built a limekiln in the centre, which altered the construction of the theater. The manufacturers had integrated architectural parts of the theater, while the limestone benches were the raw material for the manufacture of lime. The diameter of the trough (54.68 m) was corresponding to 26 rows of seats.

Today only 43 seats and part of the central scale are conserved. There are also revealed 13 lowest levels of foundation because of the newer interventions of leveling for field crops. The scene is formed by three large niches, corresponded to three doors, while at east and west of the proscenium were formed the backstage. Today there have been performed works of maintenance and enhancement by the Archaeological Service