Naval Museum of Crete

Naval Museum of Crete

It is located at the entrance of the Firkas fortress, on the Kountouriotis Coast. It was founded in 1973 and is the second Naval Museum in Greece both in terms of age and exhibits.

Kum Kapi

Kum Kapi

It is located outside the eastern walls of the old city of Chania and takes its name from the Venetian gate of the same name, the “Sand Gate” (Kum Kapisi in Turkish). From the middle of the 19th century, this area hosted a settlement of Arab porters and workers, the Chalikoutis. Today it is a […]


Tabakaria, the leather processing area, is located in the eastern rocky area of Chania, below the district of Halepa. They flourished during the period of Egyptian rule and began to decline during the 1970s. Today few tanneries are in operation, however the area is a unique architectural ensemble for the city of Chania.

Municipal Garden

The Public Garden is located between A. Papandreou and Tzanakaki Streets. It was designed in 1870 according to the European standards and was the first charitable work of the city of Chania during the period of administration Reouf Pasha. Today is an oasis of green and recreation area; it has a small zoo, cafeteria, playground, […]

The Catholic Church of Chania

The Catholic Church of Chania is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is the seat of the Catholic Diocese of Crete. This is a three-transept church built in 1842, on the area where in 1566 the Capuchin monks had founded the first monastery on the island. The building has undergone renovations and operations and functions […]

The French School

It is a neoclassical building of the 19th century. The main building was built in 1858 on behalf of an Egyptian Merchant and expanded in the early 20th century. In 1884 it became property of the nuns of the Catholic Church and nowadays is property of the Technical University of Crete.

Judicial – Administration Building

Its construction began in the last years of Ottoman rule in order to become a military hospital. It had influenced the structure of the first plan of the new city, and took its final form in 1936. Today the building houses the Courts of Chania, the Court of Appeal of West Crete, the Lawyer Association, […]

Turkish Bath-Hamam-(Katre)

The Hamam of Katre is located on the hill of Kastelli. It is an Ottoman bath with vaulted arcades and smaller chapels. It had a second floor, but it is destroyed. The building was given to the Association of Persons with Disabilities and used as a training center. Also, in its areas was operated a […]

Turkish Bath – Hamam-(Zambeliou and Duka)

The Hamam at Zambeliou and Duka junction was of the early Ottoman period. This is a classic type Ottoman bath consisting of a long and narrow changing room with warm and hot section area covered with six domes. Later was added a new floor. Today it is property of the Ministry of Culture.

Turkish subterranean fountain in Splantzia square

It is a large subterranean fountain in Splantzia square, whose construction dates back to the 18th century. It had a ritual function, serving the Muslims praying in the Mosque of the Monarch. The final layout, consisting of three long and narrow rooms, is dated in the late 19th century.