Modern era

Finally, the desire of the Cretans became true and on December 1, 1913 Crete joined Greece. Without occupiers and slaves, Chania face the future with optimist. Indeed, the 20th century marked a radical transformation of the city of Chania at every level. Crete became General Administration and Chania became the seat of the General Commander. […]

Cretan State

1898A.C. – 1913A.C. In December 1898 was officially established the newly Cretan State, with the disembarkation of Prince George as a High Commissioner in Souda. Chania as the capital of the island became an important administrative, commercial, cultural and industrial center and the period of prosperity had just started. During the Cretan State there was […]

Ottoman empire

1645A.C – 1898 A.C The Cretan War, so called the long conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Venetians in Crete, was started in the summer of 1645 with the invasion of the Ottoman troops in the northwest coast of Chania, on the Gulf of Kolympari. The city of Chania surrendered on August 22, 1645 […]

Venetian Domination

1204 – 1645 A.C. After the dissolution of the Byzantine Empire by the Latins, Crete was given to Boniface Marquis of Momferatos, who sold it to the Venetians for 1.000 silver marks. In 1252 the Venetians managed to impose against the locals, but the Genoese, headed by the Count of Malta Henry Pescatore occupied Crete. […]

Byzantine Empire

330 – 1204 μ.Χ. In 330 Crete is released by the Romans and annexed to the Byzantine Empire. It was an independent administrative region, and was defined as a military and administrative center of the island Gortyn. At the head of the administration was a Byzantine general, who was asked to face the pirates who […]

Historic era

1070 B.C.- 330 B.C. In historical period, Kydonia still had its core in Kastelli and gradually spread south and west of the hill. In 524 B.C. was a landmark date for the city when the Samians abandoned their homeland because of the tyrant Polycrates, settled in Chania. They founded the classical Kydonia. Five years later, […]

Prehistoric period

3650-1070 B.C. Chania is built on the ruins of the ancient Kydonia, an important city for its size and strength. According to the tradition, the ancient Kydonia was founded in prehistoric era by Kydonas, son of Hermes- according to other sources son of Apollo, – and by the nymph Akakalida, daughter of Minos. Homer’s Odyssey […]